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ThrIVe Hydration currently provides Mobile IV Hydration Therapy to San Antonio, El Paso and Austin Texas.


We offer hydration and health solutions by intravenous vitamin packs. No need to come to us when you are feeling your worst. One of our nurses will drive to you and administer your IV infusion. We have an IV bag to suit your needs from hangovers, and weight loss to wellness. Our mission is to get you feeling and looking your best.

 IV Therapy is revolutionary in giving us the opportunity to getting our health to thrive in our fast paced and stressed out environments. No more waiting for that dreaded hangover to go away and suffer through the day with nausea and headaches. ThrIVe Hydration will get you hydrated and feeling like your normal self quickly and easily.

 Why suffer through feeling sick or unenergized? Our IV Therapy Wellness bags have anti-stress properties and Vitamin C to help you feel energized and get you out to conquer the day.

 Over ate at a family function or a business luncheon? Or maybe you need help and hit a plateau with your weight loss goals. We have the perfect Weight Loss IV Bag that will help you boost your weight loss and muscle toning. Weight Loss IV Bags contain 5 different vitamins and lipotropic amino acids concocted to help burn fat and boost your metabolism to help you get back on track.

 Our goal is to help individuals be a healthier and better version of themselves by providing high quality, safe and effective care.


Need a reboot to start the New Year!! Try our new NAD+ service.  NAD+ is a coenzmye present in almost all cells in your body.  NAD+ IV Therapy is a vitamin therapy that is all-natural, holistic, and has shown outstanding results.  NAD+ IV therapy has shown to help with people suffering from addiction, age-related diseases and chronic fatigue.

 We have put together a team of knowledgeable, experienced, trusted  licensed medical professionals whose utmost concern is the well-being of our clients.


Products and services we offer are

 💧IV Therapy


  • Wellness & Energy bag


  • Weight loss bag


  • Anti-aging & Detox Glutathione bag


  • Pregnacy bag


  • Thrive Immunity Boost bag


  • Hangover bag


  • Athletic Performance & Recovery bag


  • NAD+(Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide)




•Vitamin B12




•Vitamin C


•Pain reliever




🐙Green Octo Products


•Eyelash and eyebrow growth oil


•Hair growth oil


•Reviving skin balms


We are completely mobile and come to you at no extra charge!!! Give us a call 210.405.3747



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"Jose was very informative.  He took the time to explain what he was going to do and how each shot would help.  After several sleepless and restless nights I tried the calm injection and I finally got some sleep last night!!! Will definitely get it again.  Thank you ThrIVe!!

Tried  the calming shot yesterday and within the hour I felt supper relaxed. Jose came to me and game me all the information needed on the shots I was able to receive.  I'm already going to set up my next shot.#calminginjection

Had my first injections today, easy to book with quick and friendly service.  Already feeling better! Thanks 🙂

Kat Bernal

Working out, eating healthy, weight loss bag to help muscle toning, and metabolize fat!

"When I started the injections on Jan 13, 2019 I was 213lbs and this morning without clothing I weighed 186.8lbs.  In the first picture my shorts are a size 18 and I am now in as size 14.  My journey to lose weight started when I went to Chicago and I was sweating (the weather was around 35 degrees) as we toured the city.  I was always tired and out of breath.  The B12 injections give me the energy to get through the day and the Lipo C burns down the fat, helping me go down in size."

My husband has a moving company and he was dehydrated this fixed him up real quick! Thank you JJ!!

Samantha Delgado

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