Flu & Stomach Flu Symptom Relief

It can feel awful waking up with the flu or a stomach upset. The illness takes its toll on your body and can cause a wide range of terrible side effects. You might find that you wake up feeling nauseous and you may even need to vomit. The worst part about this is that the body will continue to push everything out until your system has been completely cleared of whatever is causing the issue. You might also find that you’re suffering from a horrible headache that won’t go away or a fever that leaves you shivering in sweat.

To make matters worse, doctors no longer bother with this type of flu and will typically not provide medication. Instead, if you do manage to fight your way out of the house and stumble to your nearest doctor’s office, they will send you home and tell you that the symptoms will pass without help. They may recommend you try over the counter meds which you’ll then need to pick up yourself.

Luckily, there’s now an alternative and you can get an illness bag delivered straight to your door. An illness bag provides everything your body needs to fight back against the worst symptoms of the stomach flu. While you may not be back on your feet straight away, you also won’t be suffering in agony.

This means that you can get the rest your body needs to fully heal. It can speed up the recovery which means you won’t have to miss important days of work or precious days of your vacation.

How Does It Work?

If you order an IV bag, it will be delivered straight to your door. Here, a trained expert will set it up for you allowing you to rest easy. This means that you won’t have to worry about any issues with you not getting the full effects. The illness bag uses an IV to inject the solution directly into your veins. As such you don’t have to worry about it taking an age to have an impact. Instead, the effects can start immediately and the full effect can be complete between twenty minutes and half an hour after the illness bag is set up. The way the solution is administered also provides a one hundred percent absorption rate. So it is far more effective than the typical twenty percent for oral meds.

The bag is filled with key ingredients which include Zofran, magnesium, vitamin b12 as well as Toradol. These provide the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs which may have been flushed out your system during the illness. When you are experiencing the flu, your body will also typically be dehydrated. This is why you need to constantly drink water. With the illness bag, you can get the same impact but again at a far more rapid pace.

We hope this helps you see why illness bags are so effective if you are experiencing flu or stomach flu symptoms. Don’t suffer in silence any longer. With this solution, you can immediately get the relief you need and quickly get back on your feet.