Frequently Asked Questions About ThrIVe Hydration

Are you curious about how IV therapy at ThrIVe Hydration works? If you’re interested in hydration therapy in the Austin and San Antonio areas, our team at ThrIVe Hydration is here to answer the most frequently asked questions you have surrounding IV therapy. Keep reading to learn more, and contact us to schedule your IV hydration therapy session today!

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How Does IV Therapy Work?

IV hydration therapy delivers vitamins and nutrients directly into your bloodstream. Through an intravenous drip, we progressively administer these nutrients into your body, helping you stay healthy and safe.

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How Is the IV Hydration Treatment Administered?

The process entails an intravenous line or IV being inserted into a vein. The area where the needle enters is sanitized with an alcohol wipe before treatment. A tourniquet is also applied near the area to reduce blood flow, reducing the risk of bleeding.

As the needle is inserted into the vein, a cannula enters the space. The IV connection is then administered in the area, and the needle is removed. The process ensures the safe distribution of nutrients while keeping the needle from being in for too long.

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Do You Need IV Therapy In a Doctor’s Office?

The IV therapy process has evolved to where it can work anywhere. You could even receive IV therapy in your own home or office if necessary. A typical IV treatment can take about thirty minutes.

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Does IV Therapy Hurt?

IV therapy is mostly painless, as the soreness in the injection site will wear out in a few minutes or hours after the treatment. Overall, the process can help you restore your body and feel its best.

Our experts at ThrIVe Hydration provide helpful IV therapy services for people in Austin and San Antonio. Our system will treat your body well and provide support when you require it the most. Whether you’re an athlete, looking to lose weight, or trying to find hangover relief, you can trust our IV hydration service. Call ThrIVE Hydration today to schedule an appointment.