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The benefits of IV therapy to treat hangovers

We have all had that one horrific hangover. You wake up somewhere on the floor of your apartment, nowhere near the bed. The room is spinning and as soon as you try to stand you sit back down. Are you still drunk? Not quite but the alcohol from last night is still having fun with your senses and motor function. Speaking of which, once you manage to get up off the floor, you immediately find you need to head to the bathroom. At this point, it’s often a coin toss whether you actually make it. You might find yourself swearing never to drink again while realizing you’re lying to yourself.

After you stumble out the bathroom, you’ll probably try one of those old age hangover cures. The hair of the dog, egg yolk, beans? The truth is none of these are particularly effective and what you actually need is an IV drip. Yes, IV drips are the miracle hangover cure and are perfect if you need to get rid of your hangover fast.

How Do They Work?

These bags are filled with everything your body needs to fight back against the impact of a hangover. This includes ingredients like Zofran, magnesium, vitamin b12, and torado. If you don’t believe this can work then just remember, it isn’t a new idea. ERs have been using IV drips to get rid of the nastiest effects of alcohol for years.

As we said, this is about giving the body what it needs when you’ve left it in a pretty poor state. As well as providing vitamins the IV bag also offers your body antioxidants while at the same time rehydrating you. Don’t forget for every 50 grams of alcohol you consume, you obliterate about 1 quart of water in the body. That’s an issue because your body is 60% water. Added to this is an imbalance of electrolytes which causes those terrible headaches. Alcohol also breaks down glycogen which is why you start to feel weak.

When you’re hooked up to an IV bag, all these problems are immediately erased and it rehydrates you immediately. You don’t have to wait for the liquid to enter the bloodstream and there’s a one hundred percent absorption rate. This means that you will start to see the benefits immediately.

How Long Does It Actually Take?

This is the best part. Since you are hooking the IV bag up to your veins and pushing the formula straight into the bloodstream it can work incredibly quickly. Within just twenty minutes, you’ll be clear of all the nasty effects. For extreme hangovers, it might take about half an hour to clear all your symptoms. This includes the thumping headache, nausea and the dehydration. You’ll be feeling fresh, ready to start the day, filled with vigor and energy.

We hope this helps you understand how IV therapy works to cure your hangover and why it’s such an effective treatment. These can even now be delivered straight to your door so you don’t need to head to the ER to gain access to this miracle hangover cure anymore.