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IV Therapy Designed To Improve Your Overall Health and Wellness

IV therapy is an incredible way to help boost your overall health and wellness. No matter whether you’re looking to supplement weight loss, cure your hangover, improve the look of your skin, hair, and nails, enhance your athletic performance, or more, IV therapy has a multitude of benefits. We offer hydration and health solutions with our intravenous vitamin and hydration packs. With our home and mobile services, no need to drive to a clinic or physical location, simply book your appointment and let us come to you! Our main mission is to help you feel and look your best, and what better way to do that than from the comfort of your own home!

Our IV therapy bags are made to be easily administered and give you the results you're looking for almost right away. Our IV therapy bags help you with a variety of reasons, which we will go over. Learn more about our home and mobile visits, along with the type of IV services we currently offer!

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Types of IV Services We Offer:

  • Weight Loss

  • Athletic Performance

  • Energy and Wellness

  • Beauty and Skin (The Beauty Bag)

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Easy Set Up

Our certified nurses are able to come directly to you and set up almost anywhere!

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Fast Results

You’ll experience extremely fast results. Some of our IV drips even give instant results, specifically our hangover bags!

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No Commute

When you’re not feeling your best, the last thing you want to do is drive all over town looking for a cure. Our nurses come directly to you!

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Total Comfortability

Experience IV therapy in the comfort of your own home, no clinics, uncomfortable drives, or waiting!

Hangover IV Therapy in Your Own Home

Our IV therapy bags were made for you and can be easily administered in your own home. With ThrIVe Hydration, our team will come straight to you, so our nurses can administer the IV bag wherever you’re most comfortable. The IV drip takes about 30 minutes and the small prick of the needle and you’ll be feeling the results of your IV almost instantly!. By directly giving your body the hydration and nutrients it needs, we can help you feel and look your best, no matter how severe the symptoms you’re experiencing. Our nurses are extremely experienced and are here to make sure that you're comfortable and getting the best results possible! Schedule your appointment with us today and get back on your feet quicker!

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IV Hydration Designed For All

Also known as the banana bag, IV therapy has been proven to quickly eliminate hangover symptoms, improve athletic performance, help with weight loss and so much more! The solution will detoxify and hydrate your body, helping to remove any toxins that may be contributing to the symptoms you’re experiencing. It will leave you feeling better than you did before!

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Our team serves the greater San Antonio and Austin areas, and we’re happy to come to wherever you are so that you can experience relief as quickly as possible.

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