IV Hydration For Weight Loss

Weight Loss Vitamins in a Convenient IV Bag

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Burn Fat, Improve Metabolism, and Lose Weight

Dieting and exercise is a great way to help your body lose weight, but sometimes it’s just not enough, or you need a little help. IV hydration could be just what your body needs: a combination of weight loss vitamins, minerals, and lipotropic amino acids that can help burn and metabolize fat. IV therapy can help naturally detoxify your body, giving you the boost you need. In conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, you’ll soon feel the difference in your waistline. At ThrIVe Hydration, we’ll come directly to you to administer the IV, making it a convenient and effective way of losing weight.


What IV Hydration Therapy Can Do For You

  • Help Boost Your Metabolism
  • Burn Fat More Efficiently
  • Support Your Circulatory System
  • Support Muscle Growth and Toning
  • Increase Your Energy
  • Detoxify Your Body

IV Fluid

Rehydrate your body to help burn fat more efficiently.


Vitamin C

Get a boost of vitamin C to boost muscle growth and support the circulatory system.


B-Complex Vitamins

Help your body metabolize food and support cardiovascular functions.


Lipotropic Amino Acids

Enhance the breakdown of fat to encourage weight loss


ThrIVe Hydration Will Come to You

Our team of nurses strives to make this process as convenient as possible. So we’ll administer our IV bags in the comfort of your own home. The therapy is quick and all you’ll feel is the prick of the IV. If you have any questions about how IV hydration works, please get in touch with us today!

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ThrIVe Hydration serves the greater San Antonio and Austin areas. If you’re struggling to meet your weight loss goals, we may be able to help! Contact our team today to schedule a consultation or an appointment.

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