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Our services are designed to improve your health & energy or accelerate your recovery. We make the experience pleasantly convenient. Revive with ThrIVe.

Weight Loss – $145

Fat Burner, Metabolism Booster, Muscle Building, Energy.

Looking for something to boost up the fat burning process? This bag contains 5 different vitamins and lipotropic amino acids to help burn fat, metabolize the fat, dig deep into the fat deposits, and excrete them to your muscles to allow for muscle toning!

Energy and Wellness – $145

Energy, Anti Stress, Mood Stabilizer, Immune Support.

This bag targets those who are ill, or those who just simply want to feel better and energized again. This bag has anti stress properties as well as vitamin C to help fight immunity.

Hangover – $145

Liver Detox, Energy, Anti Nausea, Anti Headache.

AKA banana bag! This bag includes normal saline mixed with vitamins to help detox your liver and body of all alcohol sugars. Included is also medication for nausea/vomiting as well as an anti inflammatory for headache. Thirty minutes to feel alive again!

Athletic – $145

Energy, Muscle Recovery, Amino Acid Production Joint Pain Relief.

This is a bag for our competitors! Those wanting a boost of energy, fat detox, amino acids, joint pain relief and muscle reabsorption! If you are running a marathon, competing in crossfit, or training hard at the gym, let this help you regain energy and rehydrate you.

Beauty – $145

Collagen Production, Reduces Blemishes, Oxidizes, Glowing Skin.

Our BEAUTY BAG contains the most powerful antioxidant in your body… Feel flawless and let your skin shine! Improves complexion, removes toxins and reduces fine lines.

NAD+ – $375

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide

NAD+ IV Therapy has helped people who are suffering from addiction, age-related diseases, chronic fatigue, PTSD, depression and anxiety.


Immune Boost – $145

Relief of illness symptoms

This bag will help boost your immune system and help with illness symptoms you might be suffering from.


Double Injection Offer– $50

Vitamin B12, Lipo C, Vitamin C, Pain reliever

Our injections can help you reach your wellness goals whether you have decreased energy, feeling sick, looking to lose weight, or looking to recover from a hard work out.  Our injections can help you reach your goals.

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"Jose was very informative.  He took the time to explain what he was going to do and how each shot would help.  After several sleepless and restless nights I tried the calm injection and I finally got some sleep last night!!! Will definitely get it again.  Thank you ThrIVe!!

Tried  the calming shot yesterday and within the hour I felt supper relaxed. Jose came to me and game me all the information needed on the shots I was able to receive.  I'm already going to set up my next shot.#calminginjection

Had my first injections today, easy to book with quick and friendly service.  Already feeling better! Thanks 🙂

Kat Bernal

Working out, eating healthy, weight loss bag to help muscle toning, and metabolize fat!

"When I started the injections on Jan 13, 2019 I was 213lbs and this morning without clothing I weighed 186.8lbs.  In the first picture my shorts are a size 18 and I am now in as size 14.  My journey to lose weight started when I went to Chicago and I was sweating (the weather was around 35 degrees) as we toured the city.  I was always tired and out of breath.  The B12 injections give me the energy to get through the day and the Lipo C burns down the fat, helping me go down in size."

My husband has a moving company and he was dehydrated this fixed him up real quick! Thank you JJ!!

Samantha Delgado

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